Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The mid 20's are rather depressing

Yep, it's my birthday tomorrow. Scary times, where has yet another year gone?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Interviews Part Two

Rather than edit the original post I thought I'd tell you all about the last interview and the outcomes here.

My last interview went well with a lot of the same questions cropping up, but some new ones too. So here's a few more to add to the list;

* Can you tell us a bit about two of these drugs? (hands over paper with furosemide, digoxin, theophylline and I can't remember which other drug)

* What qualities do you think we are looking for in a pre-reg student and can you convince us that you have them?

* What has been your proudest achievement?

* Are you planning to continue your career in hospital pharmacy?

Ok, so now for the outcomes, my first interview which I thought I'd done alright on, albeit a little formal, I was rejected. My second interview which I came out of there thinking what a mess I'd made of it, though I had let more of my personality through, I was accepted! My last interview I will never know the outcome of as they gave me a courtesy call to tell me that they hadn't made a decision and I let them know I had accepted another place. Miss Lola Cherry Cola is going to be a hospital pre-resitration student!

So I guess the moral of the story is don't hold back too much, let your personality shine through. After all, the interviewers are looking for someone who is not only a enthusiastic and dedicated person, but someone who they feel they could get on with, someone who they feel will slot nicely into the team at that hospital.

I hope these two blog posts will help anyone who is currently going for a pre-registration place. Best of luck!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Interviews

I had two of my hospital pharmacy pre-registration interviews today and so I have decided to do a little blog post with advice that may help other pharmacy students who want to do hospital.

1st and 2nd years: Get "The Pre-registration Interview" by Nadia Bukhari and read it. Applying for pre-reg will seem so far away now but before you know it, there you are in your third year applying for pre-reg places. The book also has advice and information on applying for summer placements so there is something in there relevant to you now. Do apply for summer placements in community, hospital and industry, as it demonstrates you are willing to get out there and show you are enthusiastic.

3rd years: Get "The Pre-registration Interview" by Nadia Bukhari and read it, and that's an order. This is a book for every pre-reg interview whether it be community, hospital or industry. Read it quite early on in the year as it includes quite a bit about the application process, the interview itself and an ever helpful question bank. I have owned this book since last year and only read it when I came to apply for hospital and I realised straight away how much more useful it would have been had I opened it sooner.

The application: Speak to other pharmacy students, current pre-reg's and anyone you can about the application questions, they may say something which sparks an idea for one of your answers.

Some of this years questions were to give examples of a time when you

a) Worked in a team
b) Showed organisational skills
c) Demonstrated professionalism

Out of them all I found the professionalism one the hardest, as although I knew what qualities were professional I found it difficult to come up with an answer that didn't make me sound like a five year old. That is, until I spoke to a friend who reminded me of a dispensing error I had dealt with over my summer placement. So speaking to others is really worthwhile.

Once you have completed your application, check it through for spelling and grammar errors. Pass it onto someone else to check your check on spelling and grammar. Pass it onto another pharmacy student/pre-reg to check the content. Don't be afraid to ask for help, after all the application is the gateway to getting an interview.

Also be aware of the deadlines particularly for hospital, although the main deadline for applications is at the end of August, academic referee details must be submitted in June.

The interview: The dreaded day. I wont lie, it is scary, and the interviewers know that, so just try to appear cool and collected even if inside you are petrified.

Sometimes you may be given a test, at one of my interviews I was given 15 minutes to check a drugs chart for any points of concern, the main one of which was the fact that the patient had a penicillin allergy and had been prescribed co-amoxiclav. I also picked up that the patient was being given simvastatin in the morning when it is more effective at night.

The pre-reg interview book has some good questions so have a go at preparing some answers in advance, but also try to expect the unexpected. Don't try to memorise answers word for word, just remember the principles and explain it in whichever words that come to you. Here's some examples of the questions I was asked.

* What made you choose to do pharmacy?

* Why do you want to do hospital pharmacy? Particularly as you seem to have a great deal of community and industry experience but not much in hospital. (Yes, I committed the cardinal sin of not applying for a hospital summer placement, so please even if you aren't considering doing hospital do at least one hospital summer placement)

* Tell me a little about yourself.

* How has your pharmacy degree prepared you for the pre-registration year?

* What skills can you bring to the hospital? (for this one I added a little humour, after listing my good qualities I mentioned the fact that I made excellent brownies, which seemed to go down well with the interviewers)

* What are the roles of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the hospital?

* Describe the role of a clinical pharmacist.

* What is the NPSA and what do they do? (I didn't know this one and had to admit so, and once they explained - National Patient Safety Agency and they issue safety alerts - I realised I did know about them and said, so they asked me a follow up question on whether I could remember any of the alerts I had seen)

* What is medicines reconcilliation?

* What medication would you expect a patient with heart failure to be on?

* Tell me about a drug you have recently studied.

* Do you read the PJ? Tell me about an article you have recently read.

At the end of the interview you will be asked if you have any questions, do have questions prepared as it shows you have thought about the role, but try not to ask questions about terms and conditions, salary, general course layout. I asked two questions the first of which was about the shift of the organisation of the pre-registration year from the Royal Society to the GPhC and whether there would be any changes as a result. The second was about the current economic climate and whether there'd be availability of band 6 posts at the hospital. The second gives the impression that you are looking to stay on at the hospital after your pre-reg which is good to give as hospitals like to keep hold of their pre-reg students as they have invested into their training and know the level they are at.

I know interviews are still ongoing, I myself have my last interview tomorrow so I may update this post with any extra questions I get asked then. So if anyone is reading this who is about to go for interview, best of luck, and most importantly, don't panic!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Catching up on other peoples blogs

Why is it that half the blogs I used to read are now only open to invited readers?

On an unrelated note, I think Twitter has ruined my ability to blog...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I've succumbed to the addictiveness of Twitter. If you'd like to see that I'm alive at the times when I forget to post on here then give me a quick email at lola@wikipole.org and I'll send you my username (which in fairness is pretty obvious...)

I'm not abandoning this place though! Don't worry, I just need to find the time and inspiration for a decent post!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I know, I know...

Yeah, I'm crap at posting nowadays. Apologies.

I got myself into a big project and that along with the Uni and work stuff conspired against my lack of time.

So what is this project, well if you feel curious you can check it out at www.wikipole.org. Yep, that's my baby, and it aims to bring together pole dancers everywhere. Nowhere else is there such a comprehensive pole moves catalogue, and it was doing that which sucked up all of my time, and it's still not what I'd consider finished.

Anyway, I hope my next post will be sooner, and I'll hopefully tell you all what I got up to on a week long conference in the lovely city of Liverpool.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nearly There

Thanks all for the welcome back messages. I will hopefully be able to get in a longer post soon, my last two exams are imminent.

But for now, enjoy this pic, which kinda shows how short my hair is now (isn't it terrible when the only recent photos I seem to have are of me upside down?)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Short Hair = Unsexy?

Firstly let me say, I apologise for my absence (if anyone is still out there reading this), I've been a lovely little ball of stress recently and nothing much has inspired me to write, though I have still been looking in on other peoples' blogs (even if I haven't been commenting).

Today I found this article and I must say I think this is pretty much the most outdated codswallop I've read in a long time.

Why is Lola so offended by this? Well by sheer coincidence, about 6 weeks ago, I had my hair lopped off and I love it.

Does it mean I'm not sexy? I think not, I keep looking in mirrors and loving my reflection staring back at me. Does it mean I'm uninterested in sex? Quite the opposite actually, several months back I finally got over the ex, spent some time on my own and now feel that I'd be more open to the idea of a relationship if the right guy came along.

Personally I think short hair = confidence. I'm not saying I have bags of the stuff, but I do feel more confident than me several months ago. The short hair is here to stay.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Apologies for the absence, I am alive, it's just been a very busy summer.

Will post again soon-ish with an update for anyone who's still out there.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hey all,

In gaps in my revision yesterday I came up with this.

Just like to know your opinion on it, I've only currently got one design pic as I'd done the silhouette from one of my pics earlier and it does take me a while to do. So after exams, or when they calm down a bit I shall do more.

 Pole Dance 1

Spreadshirt Market Place Design

Pole Dance 1

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where I am

Publius left a comment asking where I was, so I just thought I'd reply as a quick post.

I am alive. I'm severely stressing over exams and all the Uni work I have to do, so chances are that there will not be posts off me for the next few weeks.

Sorry guys :-(

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pole Kitten

Right, this is going to be a bit of a begging post, so please bear with me as I explain.

This Monday at 3.00 a great group of girlies from one of the pole dancing forums I belong to entered a big glass box in the middle of Bristol city centre to perform on BBC's Upstaged. They won that day, and the next, and the next. Yesterday they were in the box on their forth day (the max allowed) and they won yet again, so they have a pass through to the final.

Here's where the begging comes in, they will have some fairly stiff competition in the final as some of the other acts have massive online support so I'd just like to try and raise Polekitten's profile a little. Please, please go to the Upstaged website and register. Then go to the Polekitten page and click to become a fan.

I'll know more about when they are back in the box for the final in a little while. Once I know I'll let you all know. There's live streaming on the Upstaged website and voting buttons just below, voting can be done once every three minutes.

Please pass this on/post about it in your own blog, as the girls are doing an amazing job of promoting pole dancing and showing that it's fun, sexy, good exercise and can be hard work. The more people who find out about them and vote for them, the more chance they will have of winning.

If you want to see the girls in action, click on "Thursdays story" on the Upstaged homepage, or if you are reading this after friday then you can see highlights from their time in the box here click on episode 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Thanks guys.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Six Quirks

Ahem. I was tagged aaaaaaaages ago by the lovely Kinda Blue, and I kept putting it off and putting it off. So I decided to get my rear end in gear and get it done. So here we are six quirks all about me.

1) I can be obscenely paranoid, not in a "people are stalking me" kind of way but more so in a "nobody likes me" way. I'm going through one of these spells at the moment at Uni.

2) I randomly skip/jump/hop/make weird noises for the hell of it. I blame my sister.

3) My elbows bend backwards, this is great for freaking people out.

4) I religiously check my email at least twice a day, more if I can.

5) Every exam I have sat since GCSE's I have taken in a small Piggin' figure for good luck (Piggin' Exams to be exact)

6) When I'm feeling blue I buy cake, not so good for the old waistline.

Now, I'd like to tag Karen, MB, The Thinker, Mosher and anyone else who fancies it. If there is actually anyone still out there that is...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Absolutely disgusted

Today I was horrified to hear this story on the radio. The mothers of the murderers of Gary Newlove are defending them. One says that her son "isn't as bad as he was made out to be". I'm sorry but her son attacked a man, kicking him in the head repeatedly in front of the mans young daughter, how the hell is that not bad?! This is typical of today's society, people make excuses, look out for themselves, don't give a shit about anyone else, and don't seem to know how to bloody well raise children. And when the shit hits the fan, instead of being righteously shamed and keeping their gobs shut they come out with crap like this, calling these murderers "decent" and saying that the murder made them "angry and bitter". I just can't get my head around how there are people with this mindset out there. You can say mother's love all you want, but if I had a child that did something like that, they'd be on their own. I feel sorry for Gary Newlove's family, having to grieve for him while these idiots spout out this shit.

Apologies for the rant but this story really got me pissed off

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Reasons why I'm annoyed by my part time job

I've been a bad little blogger recently *slaps wrist* so much so that many of you won't even realise that I do have a part-time job. I started in late October, and haven't blogged about it yet as there wasn't much to blog about. But yesterday, after an 11 hour shift with me getting increasingly wound up I decided that had to change. So here it goes.

I have to work part time to fund my going out and getting pissed University education. This realisation caused me to do much applying for jobs but there was one in particular that I wanted, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't for the money, because it was. I had an interview and got offered the job of a store assistant at a well known discount supermarket which shall remain nameless. All was well at first, but over time little things have begun to niggle at me, about the job, about the customers, about everything. So in the name of blowing off steam, I give you the top five of things that annoy me at work.

1) Children. Now you may say come on Lola, that's not exactly fair. They're little and can't help what they do. All I know is that this job is encouraging me more and more to have my tubes tied. Try sitting on a till in a busy as hell store with a few parents in the queue with a screaming kid in tow. I can forgive babies for this moreso although the crying noise does still set my teeth on edge. It's the "old enough to know better" kids having tantrums because they can't have what they want that really winds me up. I'm going to generalise here but most parents I see with a kid in that situation are only feeding this kids tantrum (the kid is invariably called something like Charmayne or Reece). In a lot of cases as well, both parents are present, so why doesn't one take the kids outside while the other sorts out the paying and packing of the food? It's not rocket science and it will stop the nice cashier from suddenly snapping one day and going on a homicidal rampage. Seriously though, the last two saturdays I've worked 11 hour shifts, why should I have to spend the majority of it listening to crying kids?

2) People who are unobservant/ignorant. We have specials coming in on certain days of the week. Please do not ask us what day they are due in if it is in large bold font at the top of that page! Also we get people coming in looking for certain things, and have no idea when they came in, while this in itself is not a sin, getting snotty about it when the staff haven't a clue about what you mean, is. The only person who has been extremely rude to me was one of these people. She came in looking for a portable television with inbuilt dvd player. We had had small 7' portable dvd players in recently, so I assumed that was what she meant. When I showed her one she looked at me as if I was retarded.
"No," she repeated, "A portable television with inbuild dvd player."
I replied that we hadn't had anything of the sort in and asked where it had said that we had them, as I thought they may be due in, in the recent future. She told me that a friend of hers had gotten one from a store elsewhere. I again said that to my knowledge we hadn't had them in (at this point I had worked there for about a month and a half, and I knew we hadn't had anything in since then.
She then said, very snottily, "You don't sound sure, can you find me someone who is."
I was fuming, but another of my colleagues told her exactly the same thing and she disappeared in a huff. I'm sorry but rudeness is not acceptable. In general the staff know a lot more than the customer about what has been in and what hasn't, so be polite for gods sake. I later found out that a different discount supermarket had them instead. Moral of the story, if you're going to be rude to the staff then make sure you have the right shop first, idiots.

3) People who put things on the till but don't tell me that they are returning them and want a refund until after I've scanned it. I then have to void that transaction (with manager approval) then do a refund (with manager approval). Save us a lot of trouble by just telling me it's a refund before I scan it.

4) People who bag stuff at the till. Now I don't mind this when we're not busy, but when there's 4 cashiers on and we're still struggling to manage please don't bag up your shopping as I'm putting it through, whack it in the trolley and bag it in the designated bagging area, like everyone else!

5) The fact that we are worked extremely hard. Now I don't mind hard work, but when I'm running about, sweating, and picking up heavy things and it's only 7 am that's when I'm likely to get tetchy. I had a shift that started at 6 am on Xmas Eve. I wasn't awake, I probably wasn't safe to drive to work as one point I had to look down to see if I had my uniform on (I couldn't remember getting dressed). Then when I get into work I have the store manager following me around telling me to speed up, grrrrr. Then when the store opens, there is no chance of getting things done in peace, people constantly ask you things like, "where are the eggs?" when they are standing in front of them, or you are getting called to hop on the tills. And yet the day still goes slowly!

Ok, rant over until another time...

Firstly I'd just like to draw your attention to my tongue in cheek pole fund. The jist of it is that I want a pole at home, and I can't afford at pole at home due to being over a grand into my overdraft. Prevent my purchase from adversely affecting my ability to buy textbooks. Seriously though if you have nothing better to spend your money on and fancy a couple of pics posted later of my practicing on said pole then you know what to do ;-)

Thank you to everyone who donated for the world record attempt. We are still to hear back regarding that but I believe that the money raised was phenominal.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lola turned 23 today at 6:18 pm. That is all.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I'm meant to be finishing off the rest of my mid-winter cleaning and starting my exam revision, instead I'm sitting here surfing through other people's blogs. Please someone give me a good (and well-deserved) kick up the arse!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year

So it's now 2008. How long is it going to take for me to stop writing 2007 every time I pop the date down? I hope your journey into 2008 was a good one, whether it was quiet or not.

Last year I did a highlights of my year. For some reason this year doesn't seem as memorable, so instead I'll look towards the future. I've never been one for making New Years Resolutions but this year I've though long and hard about what I'm going to do. Here they are;

1) Become a kick-ass poledancer, or at least try to get a lot more time on the pole (if I get a pole for my birthday then this will work out quite well...)

2) Every time I get a new Olive/Good Food magazine then I must cook at least one thing from it. I'm a bugger for treating it like food porn, just drooling over the recipes and never doing anything about it.

3) Focus on my Uni work, in 2007 I've let far too many things affect it, so now I need to do things for me and perhaps be a little blinkered in terms of my goals for this course.

And three seems like the magic number so I shall stop there.

So what are your aims for 2008?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Belated Wishes to all

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A late post

Sorry for my recent absence, but I wanted this to be my next post and I wanted to write it at a time when I could concentrate on the words and my memories without bursting into tears.

You see two weeks ago we had to have my beloved dog put to sleep. His name was Toto and he was one of the most good-natured dogs you'd ever come across. He was a lovely sandy colour with a white stripe down his nose, I had originally chosen him as a puppy due to this white stripe as it made him resemble my Grandad's dog Benji.

We'd first got him when I had just turned seven years old, I had begged, whined and moaned for a dog, and for my birthday I was allowed to pick out a puppy from the RSPCA. Toto and his siblings had been abandoned while they were very young. I remember that we took Toto home in an empty ice cream tub, that's how small he was. From that day on he settled into our family. And he grew, and grew.

The RSPCA had told my parents he wouldn't grow much because he had small paws, they were wrong. We ended up with a medium sized dog with tons of energy. I remember his tail constantly wagging, him running up and down our back garden and him chasing his tail. I remember being taken for a walk by him rather than him taking me and I remember thinking he'd be around forever.

But he'd aged an awful lot in the past two years and his back legs were stiffening up. It was time to let him go before he started seriously suffering.

I miss him. He was a brilliant dog.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just a little tid-bit to show I'm still alive!

Click here if you'd like to see what I got up to at the weekend.

On a related note please see the little bit of info at the top right hand side of my page, please give whatever you can, because a) it's a good cause and b) have you ever tried doing a fast pole dancing routine for 10 mins straight? It's tiring!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Google search hilarity

As much as I dislike being referred to as "it" this last search nearly made me wee, I was laughing so hard.

Apologies for the short crappy posts, the stress monster has currently taken over Lola.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pole Dance

I still can't believe that's actually me, I'm so pleased with myself.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

And now for the musicals

In my last post I promised the songs from musicals that make me cry. I apologise to the majority of the people who commented on my last post. Depressing songs actually make me happier as I can have a cry and get things out of my system, I know it's not the same for everyone.

I'll Cover You Reprise from Rent

Why does my favourite character always have to get killed off? The first time I saw Rent live, I sobbed though most of the second act. This song in particular set me off, perhaps it was the way Collins helplessly clutched the coat Angel bought him.

A Little Fall of Rain from Les Miserables

Is there anything sadder than dying in your unrequited lovers arms? It's the line "I'll sleep in your embrace at last" that gets me.

Goodbye Until Tomorrow from The Last Five Years

For those who don't know, The Last Five Years documents a five year long relationship. The female partner shows this from the end to the beginning, and the male partner shows this from the beginning to the end with them meeting at their wedding in the middle. This song is the finale where both of the partners are saying goodbye, the woman at the end of their very first date and the man at the end of their relationship.

My Brother Lived in San Francisco from Angels Punks and Raging Queens

This is a song about having a brother who died of AIDS.

They liked it so much more than anywhere they'd been and we thought they would be there, when we made it back again

And the Rain Keeps Falling Down from Angels Punks and Raging Queens

About losing someone.

In Whatever Time We Have from Children of Eden

Two lovers facing the prospect of being separated by The Great Flood as one is the son of Noah and the other is a daughter of the race of Cain.

Johnny Can't Decide from Tick Tick Boom

The video to this isn't particularly relevant but it's one of the only videos on youtube to include the part of the song that makes me cry. The song is beautiful anyway, but the reason why I cry is the man himself, the writer of this musicalJonathan Larson. He died from an aortic aneurism before his famous musical Rent's opening night. The part that makes me cry is the spoken part of the song when Johnny says "I want to write music, I want to sit down right now at my piano and write a song that people will listen to and remember and do the same thing each morning for the rest of my life."

Without You from Rent

I was never a fan of this song until I saw it live. It affects so many others than just those who are singing.

In His Eyes from Jekyll and Hyde

The best song in the show.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The songs we love to be sad to

I'm one of these people who loves to listen to sad songs, tearjerkers that they are. So as this morning I am in one of these moods I thought I'd share with you some of the songs I love, find beautiful and yes, sometimes cry to.

Winter - Tori Amos

This is a song I've only heard within the last few days and I love it. Some say it is about a girl losing her father, others say it is about the relationship between a girl and her father and how that relationship changes as the girl grows up. Either way I love listening to it. It is a very moving song.

I Will Love You - Fisher

This is one my sister had first heard, and ever since she played it, I have loved it too. It's such a heartfelt song that I think most people will be able to relate to at some level.

But I need to know will you stay for all time? Forever and a day. Then I'll give my heart 'til the end of all time, forever and a day

Nearer My God to Thee

I think most people can understand why I can cry at this one, just watch the video. A lot of people badmouth the film Titanic but this scene is utterly heartbreaking. People from all backgrounds and walks of life preparing to die, and fighting to live. This film shows the best and worst of human nature, so next time you feel like slagging the film off, watch it again but this time ignore the love story and watch whats going on in the background.

You Raise Me Up

For this song my ultimate version was in fact the one sung by the Conway Sisters in X-Factor a few years back. Purely because I think women in a group can make really goosebumpy harmonies that work so well with this song.

Forget Me Not - Lucie Silvas

Please excuse the video to this song, but it is the main reason why it is a tearjerker for me. It is an Angel music video that some talented soul has done by editing together various clip of the show. This one focuses on the episode Hole in the World, and the death of one of my favourite characters. If you're an Angel fan you'll definitely see why it makes me cry.

Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt

A similar one again except this video is a Dr Who one rather than an Angel one. Yes I'm a geek, you've only just noticed?

Everytime - Britney Spears

I can't help but feel I'm destroying any possible street cred I may have had... It's another Angel video in case you didn't notice.

Shine Your Light - Robbie Robertson

Last Angel video I promise. It's the end of the song that gets me in this one, very meaningful. It also made me cry when it was shown in the film Ladder 49.

Until the Last Moment - Yanni

A gorgeous instrumental piece. I'm still not quite certain why it has made me cry on occasion.

Full of Grace - Sarah McLauchlan

A beautiful song.

I could have had more but I've decided to leave it at ten. I'm always on the look out for more tearjerker songs so please feel free to add your own in the comments.

At some point within the next few months I'll be posting my favourite tearjerkers from the musicals. So stay tuned.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sorry All

I know I haven't been a laugh a minute recently. So to avoid boring you and for a touch of light-heartedness I've decided to complete this meme, which the delightful Domestic Minx filled in earlier.

Five Things

What are five things you were doing ten years ago?

1) Going to High School
2) Started coaching gymnastics (young I know)
3) Dancing in pantomimes
4) Started to learn how to ski
5) Watched cartoons, nothing ever changes

What are five things you were doing this time last year?

1) In the middle of my contract in my first real job
2) Preparing a Halloween costume
3) Being annoyed that my student mates could go out until all hours while I had to be up at six every weekday to get to work
4) Blogging for about three months
5) Trying to make sense of my on and off relationship with my ex

What are five snacks that you enjoy?

1) Pizza
2) Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream
3) Nachos
4) Pringles and dip
5) A moderately healthy one now, mozzarella, parma ham and melon salad

What are five songs you know the lyrics to?

1) Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
2) Wannabe - Spice Girls
3) Everytime we touch - Cascada
4) Waterloo - ABBA
5) Mary's Prayer - Danny Wilson

What five things would you do if you were a millionaire?

1) Buy my own house.
2) Fork over money to my parents so they can buy a holiday home abroad for them to retire to, and some for my sister and good friends too.
3) Buy some things I've wanted for a while like an X-pole.
4) Donate some money to key charities.
5) Travel everywhere I want to go

What are your five bad habits?

1) Cracking my joints, in particular my fingers, back and toes
2) Biting the skin around my nails
3) Being like a dog with a bone at times/being incredibly stubborn
4) Procrastination
5) Being slightly neurotic and paranoid

What five things do you like to do?

1) Spend time with mates and family, there's nothing like a good old natter
2) Blog obviously
3) Travel
4) Listen and dance to music (with or without a pole)
5) Eat out when I can afford it

What are five things you will never wear again?

1) My hair one length and level with my jaw, it looked naff
2) My hair pillar box red, granted that was a misunderstanding between me and the hairdresser but still I look back on the photos and cringe
3) Matching outfits with my sister, the bane of my childhood, hehe
4) Whatever is fashionable if I don't like it, there's no point in following the trends if the trends look naff on you
5) A nail piercing... granted I was about 13

What are your five favorite toys?

1) My phone
2) My laptop.
3) My mp4 player.
4) My camera.
5) My molecular modelling kit (geek!)

What are five things you hate to do?

1) Physics, gawd I feel thick
2) Get my work done right away.
3) Certain aspects of housework, like ironing.
4) Lectures with the current bunch of rude people in our year.
5) Feel anything worse than ok.

I know some people don't like doing memes, so I'll just leave this one up for anyone who has a few minutes to waste and fancies doing it.

Where my beauty lies

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Your Beauty lies in Plain Sight. Plain, simple and the girl next door. People tend overlook you as you are the "normal girl", but you're actually very beautiful. And you have plenty about you to set you apart, but more that lets you blend. People love the stability you have because as others may come and go, you will always be there and you may always be the same. You like simple things and that's what people like about you. You most likely enjoy things most consider normal, like movies, shopping, that sort of thing and are very friendly and probably have many friends. You are sweet and kind and that shows on you, but you're also strong and not very naive. You're a rather well-rounded individual. Even though some people pass you off as just another girl, shrug it off because they don't know what they're missing.

Some Things That Represent You:

Element:Earth, Light Animal: Cat Color: Pinks, Blues, Browns Song:Girl Next Door by Pilot Expression: Simple Smile

Gemstone:Alexandrite Mythological Creature: Fox Demon, Hobbit Planet: Jupiter Hair Color: Light Brown Eye Color:Brown

Quote:"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lecture Rant

First of all thank you to all who commented on my last post for your support. I'm feeling better, I'm just missing all that relationship stuff but I'll live. And now on to the real purpose of this post.

Since finishing my last degree I had forgotten how much this particular thing bothered me, but now I'm back it's rearing it's ugly head once more and causing my blood pressure to creep up. Anyone who has ever done a degree should be able to relate to this one.

How rude is it when the lecture is nearing it's end, the lecturer is still talking and people start to pack their things away? Would it seriously cripple them to hang on for all 30 seconds of the summary of the lecture and then pack away and go? For me it is the height of rudeness, if you were in a job interview would you start putting things away while the interviewer was still talking to you? I highly doubt it, and yet these students think it is ok to pretty much ignore the lecturer at the end of the lecture.

On a related topic there are an awful lot of people who think it's ok to talk in lectures as well, and I don't mean the brief "Oh, what did Dr. Whatdyacallhim say just then?" kind of whispered exchange that I can forgive. I mean full blown what I did last night and what I'm doing tonight kind of conversation that could certainly wait until the lecture is over. It's rude and it's very distracting to those students who are actually trying to listen to the lecturer. I would wonder why they actually came to the lecture in the first place, but our course actually monitors attendance via attendance sheet so they show up to get their mark. I just wish I could forcibly gag them sometimes.

I'd like to wish that this was an unrelated incident but our whole society in general is a selfish and rude one. Yesterday my mum, my sister and I went out and about for a food and drink festival. My sister is currently on crutches having torn the ligaments surrounding one of her toes while dancing (apparently it's more painful than it sounds). On the way back we boarded a very crowded train, with not a single free seat, my sister stood balancing on her crutches and leaning against the edge of a seat. Did the lads standing by us stand up to offer her a seat? Nope. Did the adults sitting by us? Nope. After one stop into the train journey a girl about my age noticed and stood up to let Hop-along have her seat. Am I the only one who finds it disgusting that people are too self-obsessed to think of giving up their seat for someone else? (And before anyone asks, yes I have previously given up my seat for people who are frail/injured/heavily pregnant etc).

On an unrelated note on that same train a girl who had been sitting down chatting on her phone since Oxford Road (I'm assuming she got on at Piccadilly, the stop before) told the conductor that she had got on at Central (several stops later). I was this close to dobbing her in it, and apparently so was my Mum. I sometimes wonder if I'm a bit of a mug for going by the rules?

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