Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year

So it's now 2008. How long is it going to take for me to stop writing 2007 every time I pop the date down? I hope your journey into 2008 was a good one, whether it was quiet or not.

Last year I did a highlights of my year. For some reason this year doesn't seem as memorable, so instead I'll look towards the future. I've never been one for making New Years Resolutions but this year I've though long and hard about what I'm going to do. Here they are;

1) Become a kick-ass poledancer, or at least try to get a lot more time on the pole (if I get a pole for my birthday then this will work out quite well...)

2) Every time I get a new Olive/Good Food magazine then I must cook at least one thing from it. I'm a bugger for treating it like food porn, just drooling over the recipes and never doing anything about it.

3) Focus on my Uni work, in 2007 I've let far too many things affect it, so now I need to do things for me and perhaps be a little blinkered in terms of my goals for this course.

And three seems like the magic number so I shall stop there.

So what are your aims for 2008?


MB said...

Hey chick, you have some sound resolutions there. My resolutions are the usual;

1. Join gym - going to run a marathon in 2009.
2. Pass my first year as a trainee VN.
3. Try an extreme sport....can't quite decide which one yet.

hopefully this year I'll keep these.

Mosher said...

I don't really have any aims, but I do have plans:

1) At least two, preferably three, festivals (Graspop definite, Download likely, another would be cool)

2) Learn to snowboard betters. It's why I came to France for 7 months after all! OK, so an aim - to be able to do small jumps by the end of the season

3) Re-visit Vietnam to see how the kids ( are getting on

4) Let's add another aim - to visit at least three new countries. Finland is already plotted in! Myanmar and Indonesia would be nice...

thethinker said...

I like number one on your list. Practice makes perfect.

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