Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hey all,

In gaps in my revision yesterday I came up with this.

Just like to know your opinion on it, I've only currently got one design pic as I'd done the silhouette from one of my pics earlier and it does take me a while to do. So after exams, or when they calm down a bit I shall do more.

 Pole Dance 1

Spreadshirt Market Place Design

Pole Dance 1


Mosher said...

Pretty neat. Not something I personally would wear but it's a cool design. Maybe sell them to other people in your classes?

Or you could always flog them on here with the blog URL on the back :)

Maddy said...

well its cooll...i wish i could give it to my girl, sadly i dont have a girl friend.......hehe

publius100 said...

Where are you?

Mosher said...

What publius00 said... Should we be worried?

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