Monday, February 18, 2008

Absolutely disgusted

Today I was horrified to hear this story on the radio. The mothers of the murderers of Gary Newlove are defending them. One says that her son "isn't as bad as he was made out to be". I'm sorry but her son attacked a man, kicking him in the head repeatedly in front of the mans young daughter, how the hell is that not bad?! This is typical of today's society, people make excuses, look out for themselves, don't give a shit about anyone else, and don't seem to know how to bloody well raise children. And when the shit hits the fan, instead of being righteously shamed and keeping their gobs shut they come out with crap like this, calling these murderers "decent" and saying that the murder made them "angry and bitter". I just can't get my head around how there are people with this mindset out there. You can say mother's love all you want, but if I had a child that did something like that, they'd be on their own. I feel sorry for Gary Newlove's family, having to grieve for him while these idiots spout out this shit.

Apologies for the rant but this story really got me pissed off


Mosher said...

I'm not even going to try to be Devil's Advocate for this one. You're right. It stinks, it's ridiculous and it's horribly indicative of the UK today.

Roll on another overseas contract.

MB said...

Some people make me physically sick! How can you condone anyone killing another human being? (the exception of course being self-defense). I've been attempting to stay away from the news reports as I'm tired of hearing how rapists, paedophiles and murderers get little prison sentences (with time off for good behaviour). The UK is going soft, and the only ones left with rights will be the criminals.

Mosher said...

What do you mean "left"? They already *are* in my experience. After living next door to a chav who beat up his pregnant girlfriend, sold drugs, trespassed, damaged my property and had his nightclub stereo system going until 5am most nights I discovered exactly how many rights I had - none. Yet he seemed to have the right to do all the above as I couldn't get him prosecuted for any of it.

And people wonder why I've spent about 6 weeks out of the last 2 years in the UK.

MB said...

Mosher - I envy you! I'd love to be out of the UK! I really do believe that as things stand, the country will only get worse. As for what I meant, I do read the occasional report where criminals get what they deserve (life imprisonment - I'd love the death penalty to be restored but hey, it won't happen)...but these are becoming more minute compared to those getting away with crimes. And on the news recently they were on about "petty" criminals being given community orders rather than prison sentences because jails aren't coping - ridiculous!!! It makes me so angry!!!

Mosher said...

mb - utterly in agreement with you. I read a blog today from one of the magistrates who's job it is to put people away. Linketty-link.

See how frustrated these people must be?

I admit I'm not a fan of the death penalty. Even if there's a 1% chance of hanging the wrong person, it's too much. It's bad enough when we let people out of long term imprisonment where they've been captive for far too long (and then charge them rent...) but to kill an innocent person just isn't worth it.

However, what's the problem with the prison system? Cram the bastards in eight to a cell. Make them work hard labour building more prisons.

The day they committed a crime worthy of a prison sentence is the day they gave up their human rights.

Lucretia9 said...

It's no surprise, really. The Kray's mum continued to believe they were "good boys" even after they were imprisoned.

BTW, is that a photo of you in your profile? Foo-war I think :D Followed a link from Girl with a 1 track mind to here. Good to see, nice looking girls preferring "geeks" (don't like that word tho) over the usual chavs.

Mosher said...

*is a geek and proud of it*

Well, I've nowt else to be proud of...

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