Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just a little tid-bit to show I'm still alive!

Click here if you'd like to see what I got up to at the weekend.

On a related note please see the little bit of info at the top right hand side of my page, please give whatever you can, because a) it's a good cause and b) have you ever tried doing a fast pole dancing routine for 10 mins straight? It's tiring!


KindaBlue said...

Excellent stuff - well done! :-)

Mosher said...

Congrats! I know how hard it is doing something for charity - I recently did that silly 1000-miles walk across Europe...

Good luck raising a ton of wonga! If you manage a grand, that's great. I managed just shy of £3k, but it took me a lot longer then 10 minutes! :)

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