Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Six Quirks

Ahem. I was tagged aaaaaaaages ago by the lovely Kinda Blue, and I kept putting it off and putting it off. So I decided to get my rear end in gear and get it done. So here we are six quirks all about me.

1) I can be obscenely paranoid, not in a "people are stalking me" kind of way but more so in a "nobody likes me" way. I'm going through one of these spells at the moment at Uni.

2) I randomly skip/jump/hop/make weird noises for the hell of it. I blame my sister.

3) My elbows bend backwards, this is great for freaking people out.

4) I religiously check my email at least twice a day, more if I can.

5) Every exam I have sat since GCSE's I have taken in a small Piggin' figure for good luck (Piggin' Exams to be exact)

6) When I'm feeling blue I buy cake, not so good for the old waistline.

Now, I'd like to tag Karen, MB, The Thinker, Mosher and anyone else who fancies it. If there is actually anyone still out there that is...


MB said...

Challenge accepted!

Mosher said...

I misread the last sentence as "...anyone else who fancies me". So I'd still be taking up the challenge then! ;)

T'will be on moshblog rather than the travel blog.

Sara said...

Lola! Come and visit my freshly remodeled blog please??? Well you're invited :) So is everyone else!

Mosher said...

Thanks for that Lola. I now have a 12-comment discussion on my blog about the merits and methods of eating bogies.

And I blame *you*.

Lola Cherry Cola said...

Mosher: Hey, I'm not the one who eats bogies :-p

Mosher said...

At least I know I'm not alone!

Fancy a snog? :-P

Ambrosiality said...

*stumbled here through blog hopping

number's 2's kinda funny about the skipping & hopping

@ number 4) I probbaly check mine every few hours, actualy once it announced I have an email & I check every social network I'm on every two hours [sigh]

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