Friday, December 21, 2007

A late post

Sorry for my recent absence, but I wanted this to be my next post and I wanted to write it at a time when I could concentrate on the words and my memories without bursting into tears.

You see two weeks ago we had to have my beloved dog put to sleep. His name was Toto and he was one of the most good-natured dogs you'd ever come across. He was a lovely sandy colour with a white stripe down his nose, I had originally chosen him as a puppy due to this white stripe as it made him resemble my Grandad's dog Benji.

We'd first got him when I had just turned seven years old, I had begged, whined and moaned for a dog, and for my birthday I was allowed to pick out a puppy from the RSPCA. Toto and his siblings had been abandoned while they were very young. I remember that we took Toto home in an empty ice cream tub, that's how small he was. From that day on he settled into our family. And he grew, and grew.

The RSPCA had told my parents he wouldn't grow much because he had small paws, they were wrong. We ended up with a medium sized dog with tons of energy. I remember his tail constantly wagging, him running up and down our back garden and him chasing his tail. I remember being taken for a walk by him rather than him taking me and I remember thinking he'd be around forever.

But he'd aged an awful lot in the past two years and his back legs were stiffening up. It was time to let him go before he started seriously suffering.

I miss him. He was a brilliant dog.


MB said...

**big hugs**

I deal with death quite a bit in my role as a trainee VN but it never gets easier to see. I remember when we had our cat put to sleep, she was 24, my parents got her as a kitten two years before I was born. I was so used to seeing her day in, day out. She was put to sleep on my birthday.

It's never easy to cope with. I'm so sorry chick!

MrHunnybun said...

Sorry to hear about your pet. It must be a difficult time. Lots of people do not understand that the death of a pet can be as upsetting as the loss of a human being.

There isn't much to say that can give solace, just enjoy your memories

Best wishes

Mosher said...

I *love* animals - to some extent I have more respect for them than people. I also, in some way, envy the way they can end life while they still have dignity.

Putting a pet to sleep is an incredibly hard decision. If done for the right reasons (as in this case), it allows the animal to pass away with their own self respect and while memories of him or her are bright in the minds of those who will miss them.

You have all of my sympathy. I miss each and every one of my pets who have died or been put down. But I also remember them all fondly. I'm sure Toto will never be forgotten.


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