Sunday, November 04, 2007

And now for the musicals

In my last post I promised the songs from musicals that make me cry. I apologise to the majority of the people who commented on my last post. Depressing songs actually make me happier as I can have a cry and get things out of my system, I know it's not the same for everyone.

I'll Cover You Reprise from Rent

Why does my favourite character always have to get killed off? The first time I saw Rent live, I sobbed though most of the second act. This song in particular set me off, perhaps it was the way Collins helplessly clutched the coat Angel bought him.

A Little Fall of Rain from Les Miserables

Is there anything sadder than dying in your unrequited lovers arms? It's the line "I'll sleep in your embrace at last" that gets me.

Goodbye Until Tomorrow from The Last Five Years

For those who don't know, The Last Five Years documents a five year long relationship. The female partner shows this from the end to the beginning, and the male partner shows this from the beginning to the end with them meeting at their wedding in the middle. This song is the finale where both of the partners are saying goodbye, the woman at the end of their very first date and the man at the end of their relationship.

My Brother Lived in San Francisco from Angels Punks and Raging Queens

This is a song about having a brother who died of AIDS.

They liked it so much more than anywhere they'd been and we thought they would be there, when we made it back again

And the Rain Keeps Falling Down from Angels Punks and Raging Queens

About losing someone.

In Whatever Time We Have from Children of Eden

Two lovers facing the prospect of being separated by The Great Flood as one is the son of Noah and the other is a daughter of the race of Cain.

Johnny Can't Decide from Tick Tick Boom

The video to this isn't particularly relevant but it's one of the only videos on youtube to include the part of the song that makes me cry. The song is beautiful anyway, but the reason why I cry is the man himself, the writer of this musicalJonathan Larson. He died from an aortic aneurism before his famous musical Rent's opening night. The part that makes me cry is the spoken part of the song when Johnny says "I want to write music, I want to sit down right now at my piano and write a song that people will listen to and remember and do the same thing each morning for the rest of my life."

Without You from Rent

I was never a fan of this song until I saw it live. It affects so many others than just those who are singing.

In His Eyes from Jekyll and Hyde

The best song in the show.


MrHunnybun said...

Okay, so listening to sad songs makes you happy-I get it. :)

Have you posted the same code for the top two links, or is it just me?

Shameless said...

Tell me it's not true from Blood Brothers had me bawling in the theatre

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