Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Unacceptable heat and dented metal

I'm sitting here, in a bit of a foul mood and sweating. Today has been boiling. Yes, I know I'm one of these moaning people who whenever the sun comes out moans about it being too hot. Well I'm working through the day time and I'm really not productive at all in the heat, so I reserve the right to moan.

Anyway, enough of that, it isn't really the heat that's put me in a bad humour, although that's made me somewhat drowsy. I'm in a bad mood because I drove my car into a bollard and have a lovely dent on the wheel arch. "Why did you drive your car into a bollard?" I hear you ask, well I wasn't paying attention when I was coming out of the car park at work. I was too busy trying to find my token to lift the car park barrier so I took the corner too wide and went into a bollard along the side. The bollard is ok you'll all be glad to know.

I heard this song when I got home and thought it seemed quite apt for me today at least. Enjoy.


It's by two blokes, and they have tons of good songs, just google Amateur Transplants, and have a gander. I like The Drugs Song, and Paracetemoxyfrusebendroneomycin (with me being a pharmacology student) and they've gone some way towards cheering me up after the car thing. Ah well, as my mate said, "It's only metal."


Irma said...

Please be careful. You know what they say: today a bollard, tomorrow a small child.

Carmelo Alongi said...

Hey! Cool blog :-)

Lola Cherry Cola said...

Well, a small child would be harder to hit, I'd hope. But yeah, I have been a lot more careful on the road. I blame the heat and lack of sleep really for that incident.

Thanks for the compliment about my blog *bounces*

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