Monday, July 17, 2006

Greetings from sunny Barbados...

Well, Im not in Barbados, that just sounds a bit better than Turkey. Nevermınd, the sun is shining, the weather is hot hot hot and Ive forgotten to bring the post I so lovingly wrote out the other day on old fashioned paper. Oh well, I have lımıted tıme, so Im gonna go with the flow and see if that takes me somewhere into the realm of good blogs.

Firstly I apologise for the odd characters, its a turkish keyboard. I promise Ill edit this post when Im back home. Secondly, yes Im sad for being in an internet cafe while on holiday. Thirdly, Ive been been bitten to hıgh heaven by damn insects, I must be tasty. Anyway, I,d best leave it at that for now and update more when I have time to.

Güle güle

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Carmelo Alongi said...

"I must be tasty"

You are one for good quotes arn't you? lol
Today has been one of the hottest days on record, must be at least 32 degrees, I'm boiled like a potato.

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