Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bloodbaths and conspiracies

I've been noticing the effect that blogging is having over my life at the moment. I'm noticing more about my day than I ever did before, in the vain hope that something interesting will happen for me to blog about. It's paying off really. I never used to be one to notice things before, or pay much attention to my somewhat boring days. I'm certain that my life wasn't boring before this, it was just me not realising the things that went on around me. So there's a nice positive for the blog, my life now seems more interesting as a result.

Today in work I had to dispose of some quite suspect items. Last week I'd made fake blood for use in a practical, and as it's shelf life wasn't that long (it had milk as its' main ingredient) I had to chuck it. Well, where is the most logical place to get rid of fake blood? Down the sink. Well, I had to applaud my efforts as I was pouring the blood down the drain. It all looked like a scene from Psycho (eee, eee, eee, eee). The blood was a perfect dark red which diluted nicely with the water in the sink. I dread to think what people would have thought if they'd have seen it. I was gutted that my camera phone was still getting fixed, otherwise you could have been treated to a lovely fake blood bloodbath picture.

If anyone thinks I'm a little sick for that, I do have an explanation. Casualty simulation is a bit of a hobby of mine, and also useful in SJA. So yes, I like new ideas for making up fake blood that actually looks real. I also like making up fake amputations (usually fingers as I'm not that advanced), burns and anything other injury you can chuck at me. If anyone would like some fake blood recipes, I have two, one for real looking disgusting tasting blood, and one for quite nice tasting blood (good for bleeding from the mouth) just ask me. Although this stuff tends to stain so please don't blame me when you can't get it out of your mothers brand new cream carpet.

Something in work tickled me today. My coworkers are all lovely, funny people, and this particular dinnertime they had discovered something about a supposedly anonymous questionnaire they had to fill in. It turns out that each questionnaire, despite looking like a photocopy, had a unique number on it, meaning that the questionnaire could be tracked if someone had recorded the numbers and the member of staff each number belonged to. Conspiracy, they cried. The rest of the lunch break was spent working out how to hand these questionnaires back in while being sure of their anonymity, with suggestions from photocopying one persons' questionnaire, to tip-exing out the unique number (tip-ex, what a wonderful thing). It just tickled me, seeing all these lovely sciencey people talking over a conspiracy theory.

I apologise for revealing that I watch Big Brother. I know it's not big and it's not clever, but this year I'm hooked. Anyone else think Jane is evil? Anyway enough of that, I don't want this to turn into a Big Brother blog.

This is the longest post I've done so far and I'm basically talking crap. Yay me!


Carmelo Alongi said...

I've noticed that too. Never before have I rated experiences in my life as to whether I should write them up or not. Its quite nice really, makes you think a lot more:-)
PS Jane is an evil fat woman.
PPS just putting a link to your blog.

Irma said...

Yes, isn't it strange how blogging lends an impression of importance to utterly trivial incidents - e.g. grazing a bollard - which previously would have been classified as unworthy of comment and forgotten in a day? A million adolescent diaries now given credence merely through accessibility, the process of 'sharing' conferring upon them a false idea of significance and validation. The cult of Big Brother has much to answer for: the celebration of the banal giving us the five-minute 'celebrity'.

I too watched the first series out of curiosity. But never again. It's wrong and you know it. You're better than that.

Carmelo Alongi said...

I thought this wasn't a big brother blog lol
Although irma I agree with your point. I think the idea of "5 minutes of fame" is deeply wrong, and I suspect thats the reason a lot of people do blog, however most don't. I think its more leaving a personal legacy, that's how it is for me. The net will never shut down, blogging in a way leads to semi-immortality.

Irma said...

But, Carmelo, with so many 'personal legacies' - quite literally millions of them - who will ever read them?

Not satisfied with five minutes of fame, now we want immortality! (You can't really have 'semi-immortality' - it doesn't make sense.)

Sorry, Lola, for using your blog as a message board.

Can we have more pictures of you please?

Carmelo Alongi said...

I don't think its the thing about who will read them. In the end they are here, isn't that enough?

Yeah sorry about the "semi-immortality" thing, it was late at night...Normally my grasp on English is quite a bit better than that.

Dory said...

Ello Lola,

I saw the link to your blog on Carmelo's, so I thought I'd pop over and have a read. I'm a Pharmacology graduate too (Portsmouth Uni, 2000)! What a wonderful subject it is...

I've put a link to your blog in mine, I hope you don't mind.

All the best,

Dory x

Lola Cherry Cola said...

Carmelo; yeah it really does. Glad you agree with me about Jane. And it's a nice thought immortality through blogs. I think my main reason for starting one was boredom, and to stop my writing skills going more rusty than they already are. Thank you for the link :-D

Irma; ooooh it wasn't a graze, more like a dent, not a serious one though. I know I shouldn't watch Big Brother, but this series is actually good. I can always say it's a lesson in psychology :-s You'll be glad of the picture of me as Buffy (well my head on buffys body in my latest post.

The Natural Blue; yay, pharmacology graduates unite! I'll check out your blog in a little bit. Thank you for the link.

Haily said...

I originally started a blog for the sake of the people who knew me. (Or maybe it was for my sake?) I was constantly asked the same questions over and over again, so I started my blog as a reference they could turn to. It was a bit of an effort to stay motivated at first, but now I find blogging quite therapeutic. It has become a great way to clear up my own thoughts and to learn different perspectives. Plus, when I feel like I am not moving forward with my life, I can look back and see how things have changed.

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