Sunday, July 02, 2006

Numero Uno

Wow, it's my first post. I feel like I should be saying something profound, even though I doubt anyone other than my mates will read this (if they even bother reading it). Unfortunately my most profound thought at this minute is me wishing this fly would stop buzzing around my room... damn open windows.

Anyway, enough of this fly talk. The blog will be as it says on the tin, well at the top of the page. The life and times of me starting from now. So to give you a bit of a backstory, here is what my life looks like now...

I'm awaiting my graduation, which is in fact tomorrow, so watch this space for silly pictures of me in a cap and gown.

As of next week I shall be technically unemployed, as my temporary job as a lab technician in a school shall come to an end. Although I won't be particularly bothered for two weeks after that, as I'm off to the shores of sunny Turkey on holiday. So really my job hunting trials won't be too much of a stress until three weeks time.

My long term aim is to become a pharmacist, so a pharmacy degree shall be on the cards some time in the future, so long as I can gather together enough money to pay for the new top-up fees. The entire degree will set me back £12, 000 in fees alone, never mind living expenses. I'm a student at heart, so my venture into "the real world" should be quite an eye-opener.

I'm a member of St John Ambulance LINKS, and have been for three years now. I'm officially an "oldbie". I have fun out on duty, and I'm looking forward to at least the next year as just a member. The stress of being chairperson of Links really takes it out of a person, although at the same time it is rewarding.

I'm a gymnastics coach, and as it says in my profile, please don't proposition me using that information. I've heard enough kinky chat up lines ranging from; "Do you still have your leotards? Can I see you in them?" to "Can you get your legs behind your head?" so it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

Finally some random info; I'm a false redhead and adore the colour so no ginger jokes please. And I'm a little random, as you will soon learn, so please bear with me if I go off on one. Also, I get distracted very easily so if I haven't posted in a while then you all have my permission to give me a kick up the backside.

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