Friday, June 29, 2007

Things that go bump in the night

There's nothing quite so irrational, yet also rational as our fears. To us it makes perfect sense that we are afraid. To others, we may seem a like bit of a weirdo.

I was listening to the radio last night when a female listener confessed that as a child she had been petrified of buttons and had to have everything fastened with velcro up until the age of nine. I found that odd, but then I had to admit that as a tot I always cried hysterically when the music video for Reet Petite by Jackie Wilson was played anywhere near me. This then extended to me being afraid for the song for most of my childhood.

Thankfully I've now come to my senses and I'm only scared of sensible things, like spiders, daddy long legs, enclosed small spaces, clowns, death, walking upstairs in the dark, pitch dark, ghost stories, etc, etc, etc.


KindaBlue said...

When I was four, I used to be petrified of going upstairs in the dark. Somehow I had got it into my head that, if I did, I would be mugged by Keith Harris' furry orange monkey, Cuddles. A cold chill would run through me every time I heard those words: "I 'ate that duck!"

At that age I was also scared of denim fabric, cassette tapes and the Kenny Everett Television Show, though I am perfectly well adjusted now.

I think.

Practically Dutch said...

Fears are strange things arent they.. i have always been afraid of water, not in a big way, i mean i can take a bath! But i try my best to avoid swimming in the sea, the feel of the sea bed on my feet freaks me out, normally ending in some pretty embarrassing episodes! Anyway, im Rachel, feel free to check out my blog! I am enjoying yours!

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