Saturday, June 02, 2007

I've been tagged

Actually I was tagged a while ago but I've been unobservant. Sorry Merys. I'm getting my act back together so here it is, The 8 Things Meme;

8 Things you never wished to know about Miss Cherry Cola

1) I am constantly burning myself, my current "war wound" is on my lower arm, and was caused by a disagreement with a hot grill.

2) I fluctuate between being really vain, and hating how I look. Some days I put on my clothes and think "wow, I'm a right fitty" and others I'm constantly changing clothes because I look too fat/ugly/scruffy etc.

3) I can shop for England. If I had the means to do so there are so many things I would buy. Money isn't the keys to Lola's happiness but it does help a tad.

4) I'm getting broody, but not for children. I am suffering from "house broodiness". I'm finding myself watching property tv shows, wishing I could afford a house, wanting to go shopping for kitchen utensils, bathroom suites, sofas etc. The downside to this is that I'll never be able to afford a house until I graduate, again...

5) I feel very green-fingered at the moment, my peas are really coming on as are the courgettes, and plus I have managed to grow some rosemary seedlings from seed (I've been told that it's fairly difficult for a complete beginner to do)

6)I am in no way photogenic, as judged by my old and new work ID card...

7) I often wish I could have a pole in my room for random pole dancing practice

8) I'm getting the traveling bug, there's so many places I want to go and see, the downside is that a) I'm meant to be saving for Uni and b) I have no one to go with :-(

Well that's me done for now. I'd like to tag; The Thinker, Sara, Mrhunnybun, Karen, Dory, Kindablue, The Domestic Minx (although I am aware you did a similar one recently, so feel free to ignore the meme) and JR's Thumbprints. Have fun guys.


Mosher said...

You shouldn't need anyone to travel with. Head to the right places (those with busy hostels) and you'll find people going the same direction as you.

Trust me. I'm in Jerusalem now. Israel is country number 16 since I left the UK in March last year, and I'm kicking myself for not arranging things better so I could squeeze in Egypt as well.

Oh, and going by the photo on your bog from about a year ago, you're *very* photogenic :-P

the domestic minx said...

Thank you for tagging me darling.
I have done one recently, but may modify this one of yours to be about my minxy bod, or something similarly stupefying...


MrHunnybun said...

A agree with Mosher, you are very photogenic and attractive. I have a photo of you on my PC that I right-clicked and saved a few months back (but not for sinister reasons!)

Thanks for the link.

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