Sunday, June 03, 2007

A grumble

I have one reason and one reason only to stay home on a Saturday night. That reason ladies and gentlemen, is the latest episode of Doctor Who. This Saturday, due to cooking dinner for my lot I missed Doctor Who. No matter I thought, since I can catch the repeat on BBC 3. This would be a great plan, except we don't have BBC 3 anymore. The world is conspiring against me, to stop me watching yummy David Tennant-ness.

On a side note, sometime today the cafe had it's 3000th visitor, I hope they enjoyed what they saw here, and that they stuck around for a bit.


the domestic minx said...

Oh, who could not, darling, your Cafe is delicious.

Understand about the Doctor Who thing.
Bastard Tv producers...

Mosher said...

Excuse a wanderer currently in Israel, but what happened to BBC3? Is it simply her Lola-ness who no longer has it, or has it been axed?

Rhiannon said...

'Tis the way forward!

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