Saturday, June 02, 2007

Same place same time

Well here I am again exactly one week later, at the end of my first working week at the new place. I miss my old working colleagues and I'm noticing a nasty habit of mine to refer to them in the present, i.e. my colleagues, my team, etc. I suppose it's fair enough for the first week, but I'm going to have to keep that in check.

I've been training all week, so I can't comment on the work, although I've been told that once we're trained up we will be busy. Which I'm not looking forward to. We can't take mobile phones on site, and I'm really missing sending sneaky texts during a toilet break. The place smells due to the manufacturing of the drugs they make, it's sort of a cross between gone-off yoghurt, bread dough and manky cheese. Did I mention that I miss my old colleagues?

I think I have a downer on this place before I've even begun, but for more money in the bank, I'll get over it. It's only until September...

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