Thursday, November 30, 2006

My getting better post

Well I'm recovering, slowly but surely. I have come the conclusion that it must have just been really bad tonsilitis. The only symptom I have left at the minute is my really swollen glands, and massive tonsils (they were apparently seeping pus at one point, which was a bit gross). On the bright side, no more fever, no more massive achiness, no more hurting ears, and even my dizzy spells are down to a minimum. I've had the past two days off work, which would probably make people suspect that I'd be blogging more, but realistically how much can you write about aimlessly surfing the net, having regular naps, and watching daytime tv all without getting out of my pjs?

I did go out yesterday on a trip to a ASDA, because there were some things that I couldn't get through the day without. This was my worst illness day, due to my fever, etc. So I waited for my co-codamol to kick in (it lowers my temperature, clears my head and helps with my aches and pains, although unfortunately couldn't do anything for the pain in my throat), wrapped up warm, and set out for the walk there. Yes, I had to walk, as Dad had kindly sodded off in the car to go work in. The walk there wasn't too much of a challenge, although I got paranoid with people staring at me on the way there. I have a few theories on this; a) I no longer look backward enough for this little town so people see fit to point and stare at the "outsider", b) I'm just so bloody attractive they can't help but stare (I'm thinking this is a fairly unlikely theory...), or c) I looked so wretched that they felt the need to stare at this tonsilitis-ridden zombie hag. I'm hoping it's a) but have a sad feeling it could be c).

Once in ASDA I'll admit I impulse shopped, which wasn't good as when I'm ill I don't have all my marbles about me. I bought a small tub of clotted cream which had been reduced, due to it going off today. The thing about clotted cream is, I tend to eat it on scones, and the thing about my current affliction is, I can't eat solid food as it hurts too much to chew and swallow. So I bought clotted cream that will go to waste because I don't fancy eating it gone the expiry date.

The walk back home nearly killed me, it's all uphill. I got in, had my food and then had a lie down on the floor as dragging myself to the sofa required too much effort. After that I disappeared upstairs for a three hour long nap.

A lovely mate of mine, who I adore, bought me some oraldene. I gave him the clotted cream to say thank you. He also gave me a muffin, which is currently torturing me as I can't eat solids yet. Grrr.

I'm back in work tomorrow for my last day in this department, so I'm going to put on a surgical mask and gloves and make them some crispie cakes.

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Carmelo said...

Hey Lola, glad to hear things are getting a *little* better for you sorry to hear you being so sick in the first place honey. What about thick liquids? You could liquidise the muffin into a delicious milkshake...ummmmmmmm... :)

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