Friday, November 24, 2006

Things to do before I die

I've been thinking again, of the list of things I want to do before I die. I dug up my old list from an old blog posting of mine (not on here) and have been browsing through it to see what I've completed, the answer is not a lot really...

* See the pyramids Yes, I still want to do this at some point in my life. When I was younger I was semi-obsessed with Egyptian mythology, and still have Egyptian art work on my walls. Seeing the pyramids would be an almost spiritual trip for me

* Go to Italy (Venice, Florence, etc) Again, another one I'd still like to do, but havent gotten around to going. I'd like to go Venice for my birthday weekend, but as I'm a winter baby my mum is slowly turning me off the idea, even though I wouldn't be going for the weather

* (Re)Learn French Tut, tut, I always say I shall do this one, and I never do, well apart from today when I decided that I should think with a french accent. Don't judge me, work was dull and it amused me for about half an hour

* Learn another language, maybe Italian or Turkish If you look back on this blog then you'll see a post in which I aimed to be conversational in Turkish by next summer. Have I started learning Turkish? No, would be the quick answer. I think I'm too lazy for this list

* Learn to pole dance properly (with all the tricks like going upside down etc) This one I am closer to doing, I've found a school, I'm rounding up a few friends to come along, and I plan to book a doctors appointment to check that my back won't disagree with this form of exercise

* Go all the way to the top of the Eiffel TowerI haven't even been to France since making this list, I have been up the Eiffel tower before, just not all the way to the top

* Ski down a black slope (the most advanced I've been on was a red one a few years back) Again, I haven't even been skiing since writing this list

* Drive to either Scotland or down south (anywhere that takes around 4 or more hours to get to) Yay, something I've finally done! I drove down to Hertfordshire for my trainers course.

* Own a motorbike Can't afford a motorbike...

* Visit New York Can't afford a trip to New York...

* Stay up all night to see the sunrise Meh, I work now, I see the sunrise when I'm driving to work of a morning

* See a total eclipse of the sun (I was abroad for the one in England, how gutting?) Don't think there has been another since I wrote this list

* Travel first class I nearly got the chance to when I went down to London shopping, but I decided to go for the dirt cheap tickets instead, yay for being tight with money

* Learn to play piano properly Well the keyboard isnt set up at the moment, it's in a cupboard

* Go on holiday with a very large group of friends Can't afford to go away with a large group of friends... I'm sensing a pattern

* Learn how to do a somersault off a wall This has been one of my ambitions for a while, but I'm old and decrepid and have a bad back now

* Be a cool old person with most of their marbles I like to think I've already achieved that one *winks*

* Make the most of my life Not really one I can achieve fully until I croak

* Live in another country for a period of time

* Buy a house I'm not sick of my family, no, not at all...

* To never lose my loveliness

* To see Rent at the cinema several times with different people That one didn't quite work out as only one cinema near us was showing it, and that was about an hour away and only for a couple of weeks. As it worked out didn't get to see it at the cinema at all

* Write something original I don't think I have anything original to write

* See all the films I keep meaning to see This one came about because I have never seen Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, etc etc

* Become a trainer I'm halfway done, just a few more things to sort out before I'm fully qualified

* Say something really profound for my last words Knowing my luck it'll be something really daft instead

* Go to the 2012 Olympics to see the gymnastics That I really want to do

* Reach 88 mph in my car (all you Back to Future fans should realise why) I've done that, it was a bit of an anti-climax really, no sparks, no travelling back in time, damn flux capacitor must be broken

* Organise a Murder Mystery Event I actually have a boxset for this, but again haven't bothered my bottom to do anything about it

* Graduate from University I managed it with a 2.1

* Learn sign language It would be a good thing to learn but again I haven't bothered

* Learn how to make numerous cocktails and even invent a few of my own Mmmm, cocktails

* Organise a big fundraising event for St John Ambulance I don't think I can be bothered with that one

Anyway, that was my list. No doubt it shall be chopped and changed before long. What got me on this topic again was the book I've recently read. It didnt have much to do with doing things before you die, but it was more like setting a task and seeing what came of it. A comedian Carey Marx attempted to find a wife in under six months, this led him on an entertaining and amusing journey as portrayed in the book, "Marry Me". It's a good read, and I'd certainly recommend it. I read it in two days, and most of it was read in tea and lunch breaks at work.


Carmelo Alongi said...

When you went for the trainers course in Hertfordshire, did you go to Herts HQ? If you did you should have popped in and said hi!

Mosher said...

What counts as "living in another country" as opposed to just visiting on holiday? Length of time or something?

Just curious as I'm trying to figure out if I qualify. I've done 7 weeks in Vietnam in one stint, 6 of those in one hostel at one go. I've also been in Oz for 9 weeks now (fly out tonight) and spent 2 months in New Zealand.

Good luck with the list. I've decided to just try something new every place I've been and ended up doing things I never even though about - or had heard of!

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