Saturday, November 04, 2006

A summary of my week

(A repost as Bloggr has somehow managed to delete it before, good job I had it saved in a file already)

I forgot to mention in an earlier post that we had a visit from the big cheese at work, the site director. I managed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time by stumbling into our teams lab while he and my team leader were in there. I immediately went all quiet, what with being near an important person who probably could fire me on the spot if he wanted. My team leader introduced me, and although I answered any questions, I hadn't been that monosyllabic since the heart incident. It was cringe-worthy, and I quickly made my escape to another lab. Here's hoping I don't accidently run into the next set of auditors that come around.

I did promise a picture of myself in costume, however I'm a little shy about it now. One of my mates was teasing me by saying that pic was close to pornography. Although in saying that I think I'll have to post it now just to reassure you all that it wasn't at all that bad. Grrr, now blogger isnt letting me post it. It is seriously just a normal picture, I'm fully dressed, it isn't bad. You'll have to trust me for now. (Actually here it is as now while re-posting blogger has decided to play)

Today I'm planning a nice little shopping trip into Liverpool, I shall get myself a nice hat, gloves and scarf set seeing as the weather recently is definitely not agreeing with me. I'm not used to the cold! And I think a delicious minted lamb baguette is in order. The best thing is, I can definitely say to my mum that I'm not going into Liverpool just for a minted lamb baguette, that's just a highlight.

Finally I've found pharmacist blogs! I knew they had to be there somewhere and they are. I shall post a few for your viewing pleasure.

The Angry Pharmacist: A fabulous read, and an interesting insight into the profession. Also fun to read the rants about different types of customers that frequent the pharmacy.

Your Pharmacist may hate you: Another great read. Amusing and entertaining. Again from a pharmacist in a retail environment. Many rants about idiotic people.

I'll be lucky if those two don't put me off my future career...

Jim Plagakis: Interesting situations and moral decisions that can affect pharmacists.

There are a few more I've found but I'll let you browse over these if you get a chance.

I apologise for the dry posts from me recently, it seems my life is devoid for humour for now, maybe I can pick some up in Liverpool today.



Mosher said...

a) Wow. Can I pick *you* up in Liverpool? Don't worry. Hard to stalk you from Brisbane!

b) Small world. I know five pharmacists. Three of them live or lived in Liverpool. One was my ex (nasty psycho) who's now back in Colchester or somewhere. One's now in Christchurch, NZ (moved last year). One was my first housemate/tenant who I just got back in touch with yesterday and who I may meet up with in Vietnam in a few months. The other two are married and live near Aintree, though he quit about a year ago to retrain as an architect!

OK, that makes you number six. This means I now know only one in *six* pharmacists who's a mental case, and psycho ex didn't technically qualify. A good ratio.

What are you aiming for? Hospital work, clinical, community...?

Carmelo Alongi said...

Lola' aiming to save the world!

Anonymous said...

Great costume!

KindaBlue said...

Minted lamb baguettes? I would've suggested a coffee in Soul Café on Bold Street myself.

SaneScientist said...


Sorry - I haven't been out for a while.

Anonymous said...

nice one

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