Sunday, December 03, 2006

My first rti...kinda

Yesterday, despite being in my last recovery phase from my tonsilitis I decided to go out on duty to a Dickensian Day. This is a little event where people dress up in Victorian Era clothes and run stalls etc. I did have fun, I loved the costumes. My particular favourite was an old fashioned PC strolling around, complete with a cape.

I was technically down as third person (observer) on the ambulance there, but did nothing really for most of the day. I'd decided it was cold and stayed in the vehicle for the first part of the day. I did wander round for a bit, and become a bit more sociable later on. Myself and a few other members got a "hog roast" sandwich, they actually had a whole pig on a spit. On the way back to the vehicle I left my lunch with my paramedic mate and dashed into a coffee place for some hot drinks. When I returned, everyone (the I had gone for food with) and the vehicle had disappeared. Apparently while I'd been queueing for coffee they'd gotten a casualty and had gone to attend to them. I was a bit gutted that my lunch appeared to have gone awol too, and that I was stuck holding two hot drinks that were rapidly getting colder. It's always typical that the casulaties surface just as you get your lunch. Luckily my lunch hadn't been in the vehicle, and my paramedic friend soon returned and pointed me in the direction of my lunch. I gave him his latte. Vile drink.

When the vehicle got back I had been standing in the rain and had since mostly dried off but was a little cold, especially my feet which I couldnt feel. So I hopped in the back, and dozed off on the stretcher. My problem is that when I recovering from being ill, I jump back into things feet first and do daft things like stand around in the cold and wet weather, and do more than I should be doing. Then the tiredness usually hits me, so I sleep for a bit. When I wake up, it's more or less the end of the duty, so we say our goodbyes etc, and head back.

While on the way back to county, we came across an rti. Being in a big white ambulance we are somewhat implied to stop and see if all is ok. I was again asleep in the back, so got woken up by my paramedic friend shouting at me to wake up, and by my other friend flipping the lights in the back on and off to rouse me. No one was hurt but the accident was on a corner and had blocked off one lane of the road, so to avoid another accident two of us directed traffic. After the paramedic had made sure everyone was ok, he took over from me directing traffic and told me to sit in the ambulance and get warm. Good job really, as I could feel my throat starting to hurt again. The police showed up fairly quickly, and the tow truck a little while later, then once all was cleared they thanked us for our help and we all trundled off back to CHQ.

I personally was so tired that I fell asleep in my computer chair a while after I got back home...

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Mosh said...

I love how they subtly changed from RTA to RTI a year or so ago, because "accident" implied a lack of blame and was actually getting people off on technicalities in court. Good grief.

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