Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The wonder of google

Check me out, five days into this post per day challenge and I'm already running out of ideas. So I'm looking to my stats for inspiration, and I shall share with you some of the more amusing words and phrases that have brought people via google to my little cafe.

Chat up line physics

I'm sorry but unless she's a physicist too, there's no chance of a physics related chat up line going well

Slobby booty
This phrase would have directed them to this post on my blog, why they were searching for a "slobby booty" I just don't quite know.

Lola's other blog
No I just have the one, unless you count my on the side restaurant review blog

Funny job lola
Well the last funny job was my lab tech stint, the things that I did still amuse me. This post sums up one of my favourite moments from my time there.

How to chat up a scientist

Well it's nice to know that us science gals are sexy enough to chat up, don't expect us to be too easy to get though

Biscuit theory
Oh yes, it's is the one, the only biscuit theory

Show me what happens on monday with lola
Well on monday I went to work, felt crap, cancelled a meeting and went bed early, not very interesting

Magic boobs
Yes they are, dont believe me? Check this out

Bonkers boobs
No, they're magic, not bonkers

Pooing at work
Hmm I may regret doing that post at some point. Remember this isn't instructions on what you have to do, but it's more politeness and toilet manners.

Lola's boobs

It's nice that you want to google my boobs, but I'm not that kind of a girl

The great mouse detective boobs
Oddly enough I can't recall boobs featuring heavily in this film, perhaps it's best if I don't...

"your legs behind your head"
I'm not even going to go there...

Learn how to make cocktails in liverpool
Well give me a buzz I'll teach you how to make them so long as I get to drink some

handcuffed OR cuffed OR handcuffs OR cuffs OR handcuff

I don't think this chappy was intending to find a lovely pic of me in high vis while my first aid kit was arrested. Apologies for it not being sexy handcuffs.

That's all for now folks. Enjoy your evening.


Jo said...

Haha you're assuming that last one was a chap ;)

Boobs do seem to feature heavily, don't they. Take it as a compliment.

Oh, and I'm not a physicist but a physics chat-up line probably would work on me.

the domestic minx said...

Google searches landing in my boudoir are predominantly motivated by MINGE...

bald minge
hairy minge
lovely minge
fluffy minge
smell my minge
minge badger

sad isn't it...
Also, "girl with swollen neck boa"


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