Monday, August 27, 2007

Ten Eternal Truths About Creamfields

August bank holiday weekend brings with it several events, one of these being Creamfields. Those of you who read this blog last year may remember my Creamfields post that year as a member of SJA. While last years post was a bit long winded I'm hoping to keep this one short and sweet, so here it is the ten eternal truths about Creamfields (which would happen whenever and wherever the festival was held).

1) There will always be a small minority of girls who will show up in a bikini, a pair of shoes/boots and nothing else, not even a jumper for later on. This will invariably happen whatever the weather is like in the daytime.

2) The aforementioned girls will end up in the field hospital/first aid posts at around 3 am complaining that they're cold and asking can they take one of our blankets.

3) Our members will always lose the will to live at around 3 am and wonder why they signed up to do this event.

4) There will always be someone who for whatever reason decides to test their bodies by consuming between 10 and 20 ecstasy tablets. Do they think "Hmm, the first 8 haven't worked so I'll have a few more" seconds after swallowing the first lot?

5) At least one of our members will always get injured at some point in the night. A couple of years ago that member was me, I got clonked on the head by a big tripod light that fell on me and caused me to bleed a little. This year a member sustained soft tissue damage to her knee and ended up on crutches.

6) There will always be people complaining that they feel weird after taking one substance or another and will be taken to our med centre to sleep it off.

7) Those mentioned in point 7, having gotten a nice place to sleep with a pillow and a blanket will now be extremely unwilling to leave it. Not good when we get busy and need to find a bed to treat someone else.

8) There will always be people who come in and say "I haven't taken owt mate" while their pupils are the size of a dinner plate.

9) There will always be violence, the police do well to try and contain it but we do get to see the end result of fights very often.


10) Never leave brownies around our members if you would like to eat one later. I have been told by my mum that the brownies I'd made weren't particularly nice too :-( Thanks Mum.

So all in all, a good night. We weren't as busy as we have been in previous years which was good, although the first aid posts had their manic moments. Here's to next years Creamfields!

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Mosher said...

That's one thing I do like about Download (and the other metal festivals) - no fights. Well, outside of the moshpits anyway.

I was talking to one of the senior security staff at this year's and he said it's the one event they look forward to as they know they're there for crowd safety, not to break up fights and help the police.

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