Monday, February 12, 2007

The Biscuit Theory

While working in my new department at work I've developed a little theory. Take today for example, we had a workshop day over at our training building. Being at the training building invariably means tea (or coffee, for the weird ones among us) and biscuits are laid on in abundance for our breaks there.

So on to the theory. I feel that the optimum number of biscuits per cup of tea is three, making the cup of tea to biscuit ratio 1:3, plus or minus 2 biscuits, depending upon circumstances such as amount of biscuits on the tray in the first place. There were three opportunities during this day to have a cup of tea and biscuits, so taking the optimum number of biscuits this would equal nine biscuits consumed for the day (with a possible range of 3 biscuits to 15 biscuits).

My conclusion from this theory is that I'll never lose weight if I keep working here...


thethinker said...

I wish they served biscuits and coffee/tea during the school day! I'd trade with you anyday.

Asp said...

Only three tea breaks? You're being hard done by - last place I worked at there was brew whilst opening the post first thing, mid morning brew, just-before-lunch brew, just-after-lunch brew, and afternoon brew.
I occasionally passed on either the just-before-lunch or just-after-lunch cuppa.
So, agreeing as I do with the 3:1 biscuit:cup ratio, I definitely had too many biscuits!

Dory said...

You can never have enough biscuits... Especially caramel chocolate digestives. Thank you McVities

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