Friday, April 06, 2007

Oh Lola, your geekiness is showing

I'm finding myself getting more and more obsessed with Doctor Who. It's a little worrying as obsessions of mine have been known to take over a large part of my life. Previous obsessions have led to me almost constantly thinking about the subject of the obsession, getting fangirl-ish (I can range from crazy to sane fangirl), and the ultimate sign of being obsessed with something, writing fanfiction (yes my fanfiction is online, no I'm not posting the link).

So as you can imagine, I'm trying to keep my cool about Doctor Who (it helps that Mum tells me how sad I am for watching it...). Of course this new interest in the show has nothing to do with David Tennant, or his quirkiness, or his attractiveness, or how good his legs look when he's in drag ahem.

You're not buying any of this are you?


KindaBlue said...

Not in the slightest... ;-)

Mosher said...

It could be worse. *I* could be watching Dr Who because David Tennant has good legs in drag. That would be worrying.

Karen said...

I rememeber one of your obsessions.....pigs.....that wasn't very pleasant at all was it...pigs, everywhere!!

carmelo said...

Not a word..

MB said...

Always swore I'd never fancy a guy who looked better than me in a dress (or skirt), but I'd make an exception for Mr. Tennant.

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