Wednesday, April 18, 2007

999 Ambulance Lottery

No doubt those of you living in the UK will have heard about this story. A rather one-sided look at ambulances, paramedics and technicians. For those of you over the pond, basically the program is criticising the lack of paramedics on ambulances, and implying that the use of ambulance technicians is putting lives at risk, a very one-sided, sensationalist piece of journalism (Sir Trevor, I'm very disappointed with you!). Ambulance technicians are not unskilled, as you claim. They are not bumbling side-kicks waiting for "Super Paramedic" to come and save them from themselves. There are a few rare situations when a paramedic would be able to administer a drug to better treat the patient, but these situations are not the norm. I would rant on more about this, but Reynolds has already said it a lot better than I could, so here are his words on the topic.

Finally, I just like to say a few words of condolence to those caught up in the tragedy at Virginia Tech, and their families. My thoughts are with them all.


JR's Thumbprints said...

Some folks just don't get. Sir Trevor must think ambulance technicians drive a meat wagon and pick up roadkill. How wrong he is.

Mosher said...

In fairness, the guy's just a presenter who's given a script. Blame the researchers. But, yes, I've heard about it and I'm a gazillion miles away. Thanks to Reynolds and yourself for pointing it out.

Lola Cherry Cola said...

JR: Aye, completely wrong, it's one of the few things that gets me annoyed nowadays.

Mosher: True, but his job description states that he's a journalist, so one would hope he has a hand in things rather than reporting them blindly. Mind you, sometimes things I hope for don't happen...

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