Saturday, April 14, 2007

Grand National 2007

Well, the big day of the Grand National arrived, and I blew the dust off my high vis jacket and went along to do some first aid.

Over the course of the day I got hit on seven times, only one of these people was sober. I'm not sure whether that boosts my self esteem or not yet. The chat up lines weren't the most original this year, just the usual "oh I feel faint" or "I need some mouth to mouth". Lads, although Lola isn't really one for chat up lines, a good original one will have her chuckling for days.

I got rather worried when a fight broke out right next to us, we scarpered to a safer spot, although we couldn't actually get out of the enclosure the fight was in. Luckily security contained it quite quickly, leaving us to deal with the first aid related aftermath.

The most pointless job of the day was being called upstairs by control to a lady with a cut foot. As control had sent us, as a response team, we imagined there would be a fair bit of blood. We got there after a bit of directing by stewards, to find a lady who smiled at us and said, "My foot's fine, I just need a plaster." Why she couldn't have gone down to the first aid post and gotten one herself was a bit beyond me.

Despite being an aed and medical gases team, we didn't get called to anything that would require those skills, thank goodness. The weather was lovely, although I found it quite difficult to cope in the heat. Just imagine that the past three grand nationals I have spent freezing cold, in the rain in some years and this year is lovely and I still complain. There's no hope for me.

One of my horses came in second, the problem being that I bet on 4 of them. Ah well, Bewleys Berry was in the lead when it fell, again I'm not sure if that's more annoying than it is anything else. It just goes to show the evils of gambling, I'm sure it won't stop me doing the same thing next year.

Finally on the way home, a couple of gents gave up their seats for us on the train so we could sit down as we had been on our feet all day. Yes, the gents were steaming drunk and sang to us for most of the train journey, but they were nice drunks, and it brightened my day.


Mosher said...

I find it hard to picture a bunch of Champagne Charlies (or were they Hooray Henrys?) having a tussle at the racing! I always thought that was the exclusive remit of the footie fans.

I've heard about the weather back home being oddball at the moment. It'll probably snow next week now!

Lola Cherry Cola said...

Oh trust me, wherever there be alcohol there be violence (usually). Apparently on ladies day there had to be a local evacuation due to a bit of a fracas, and although our fight the next day was contained quickly, there was another one which our first aiders were told to leave the area until it had been contained.

MrHunnybun said...

Seven people asked you out and you turned them all down? You must be very picky :)

Matt Peskett said...

Next time you bet on more than one horse you should do a bit more research... I posted the optimal spreadbet on Thursday and got 1st and 2nd in there :-)

MB said...

Whats the most original chat-up line have you heard? A mate of mine once used a line involving a worked...but for the life of me I cant remember what it was.

Asp said...

You should have come to Conference instead of Aintree, I would have made up an original chat-up line especially ;)

Lola Cherry Cola said...

mrhunnybun: Aye, I'm extremely picky at the best of times. Drunken people are generally looking at me through beer goggles though. I'd like to leave them with the thought that I was a stunner and not what I actually look like ;-)

Matt Pesket: Now you tell me! Why not tell me before I bet? ;-) To be fair I had McKelvey which was one of your choices, and I chose Bewleys Berry because it had done quite well in the Beechers race over the national fences in Nov. One of the other two I was persuaded into, and the last one I liked the look of. So I did do some research, well more than I usually do (oooh pretty name...)

mb: You've actually given me an idea for a post, so I'll hold of on telling what the best chat up line was until I post that.

Asp: Argh, I get nervous when other Johnnies find the blog, let alone other LINKers. Don't mind me, I'll calm down eventually. And yes I am a bit gutted that I couldn't go conference, but to be honest I don't think my unit could have afforded to send me.

Mosher said...

"Overweight penguin"


"Oh, I just use that to break the ice."

Could that be the one?

thethinker said...

I wish I could gamble. I tend to have good luck when it comes to betting.

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