Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The best chat up line ever

I promised MB in my comments about my Grand National post that I would reveal the best chat up line I have ever heard.

Unfortunately this isn't a chat up line that was directed at me, a dear friend of mine (and old housemate) had the pleasure of this line. She was sitting down in the University courtyard waiting for a friend when this guy shows up and begins chatting to her. He starts of with the general uni chit chat, and their conversation goes something like this.

"What course are you doing?" he asks.
"Mathematical physics."
"What? With tits like that?"

For some reason this guy believed that intelligent women couldn't have a fantastic pair. How wrong he was.

As for chat up lines directed at me, I don't tend to get any unless I'm in uniform and drunk people are about.


Jo said...

I've had (while on duty) "will you give me the kiss of life?", "do you have a rubber fetish" (I was wearing bright purple gloves at the time) and possibly others that I can't think of. Yes, both from drunks.

thethinker said...

I've never had a pick up line used on me, but I have been whistled at a couple times. I'd prefer a cheesy pick up line to a whistle any day.

Mosher said...

A friend of mine (I swear - a friend... not me) has found amazing success with the line:

"fancy a f*ck?"

Seriously. OK, he ends up with the 2am dancefloor fodder, so nobody in the class of our kind hostess here, but at least he gets some. Every sodding night. Git.

the domestic minx said...

I find it hard to believe you have not been thrown a handful of pick up lines, you little minx!!

I love them but it's a while since I heard a really good cheesy one.
Shame, that...

Bill Blunt said...

Here's a line that my youngest son often uses (he claims to good effect):

"That's a gorgeous dress you're wearing. It would be perfect for my girlfriend. Can I interest you in the position?"

He's found it works best when talking to ladies, rather than men.

Best wishes


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