Sunday, October 29, 2006

The day the water turned blue...

Well allegedly turned blue anyhow. And also it wasn't today, it was friday. We got told not to use the water at work, and no we couldnt boil it to drink either. So I was obviously gasping for a drink after they told me that. Odd how I don't usually want something until I'm told I can't have it. Some people had already gotten something to drink, and turned a nice shade of white when we told them the water was contaminated.

Don't worry, we didn't die of thirst (and those who had already drunk the water didn't die either, which was nice). Some bright spark suggested going to buy bottles of water, so no one missed out on their morning cuppa. It was mid-afternoon by the time someone mentioned that someone from another lab had concentrated the water and it was a strange bright blue colour. This may have just been random hearsay, but I'm glad I didnt drink the stuff.

Hope things are all back to normal tomorrow otherwise we wont be able to do any testing!


Carmelo Alongi said...

Who said anything about the risks of pharmecuticals?! (I know I can't spell)....

Mosher said...

"I don't usually want something until I'm told I can't have it"

You may not have sex with me.

(now all I have to do is sit and wait then give in to your begging. Bwahahaha)

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