Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I lied...

I know I promised you all a post about inappropriate crushes next and that post is in the working, but for now I have a semi-scientific post. Yes, I've been reading my New Scientist magazine again. Well, to be honest the post isn't completely scientific, just a little bit of news.

Apparently more and more employers are "spying" on their employees online. This mainly goes for work computers, which to be honest I think they have a right to see what goes on on. Nothing wrong with making sure your employees aren't slacking. However, did you know that if you go for an interview, the interviewing company has probably "googled" your name, and looked to see if you have a profile on websites such as myspace? It's a scary thought isnt it?

I personally have a Myspace account. I don't think anything too incriminating is on there, but you never know what exactly potential employers may find off-putting. Then there is this blog. I think most bloggers do realise that there is a small chance of being disciplined/fired/never getting a job if their blog is discovered (of course if you're just posting pictures of your cat then I doubt you have anything to worry about).

As I'm not posting pictures of my cat, this has led to a slight mini panic attack from me attempting to find my blog by googling my real name, luckily enough I don't think I can find it that way. Don't get me wrong, a blog can be something desirable to a company. Certain companies like employing bloggers as they know we can string a few sentences together. At the same time though, you could bet that the company is watching the blog making sure nothinng derogatory or sensitive about the company was posted.

Hmm, another thing for me to worry about now.

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