Friday, August 04, 2006

The wonders of the subconscious mind

I woke up this morning to a recollection of a strange dream. In this dream the world was going to end, I wasn't exactly sure how or why but I was aware that Armageddon was approaching. So what was I doing in my dream at this point? Well I was lying outside in the rain, did I mention I was naked? It's not quite a technique for surviving Armageddon that I'd recommend but it was certainly a novel one. Anyway, in the dream the world didn't actually end so I went back inside to dry off.

Whenever I remember a dream that I can't interpret myself I tend to turn to The Dream Dictionary to work out what it all means.

Armageddon: Represents a deep rooted fear that my world is about to change dramatically or represents feeling hopeless and out of control.

Rain: Since I was getting wet, apparently it symbolises that I will soon be cleansed from my troubles and problems

Nakedness: Since in the dream I wasn't embarrased by my nudity, it seems to symbolise that I am being more honest with myself and others about who I am, and the coming of a more carefree nature.

A fair few of these do ring a bell. Due to a situation I'm in at the moment, I feel like I'm at the end of an era and hopefully the rain will come and make me a happy carefree person again.

One last thing, for those of you who remember my little bump in the car, the car went in for its' service and MOT and it turns out I've been driving in a deathtrap. I managed to twist the suspension, and it caused one side of the tire to wear down, apparently it was so worn down it could have blown out at any moment. Yes, I know I should check my tires, but I passed my test before we had to do all this lifting up the bonnet and checking the oil milarky. Maybe I'll check them in future. I have a feeling I'm going to regret telling my parents that I'd pay to get the damage fixed...


Cash said...

It takes a lot of work to screw up a powertrain on a car, kiddo. Get a second opinion before you spend the money. Not that car mechanics are ever dishonest ( not everyone can be scientists, after all) but if your suspension wore down that tire you would have felt you were fighting an alligator trying to steer it.

Dory said...


Don't talk to me about cars...!!!

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