Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Personals Ad

Fun-loving technologically incompetant girly seeks technological whizz for long romantic chats about burning feeds and other blog related technology. Must have a GSOH and lots of patience. Ideally will be able to cope with short attention spans, hyperactivity and general randomness. Interested? Well who wouldn't be?


Carmelo Alongi said...

I know how to put the Atom feed for your blog, but things like RSS and XML are just distant things to me... You gots an email?
P.s a feed would be great, saves me having to constantly check your blog for new things:)

Carmelo Alongi said...

Sorry just discovered you already did it, cheers:-)

Secret Sara said...

Ah the best way to learn this stuff is trial and error!

Richard Parker said...

You could have had me anytime gorgeous :)



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