Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tonight I had some bad news. A girl my sister knows, who has cancer, is seriously ill in hospital. I've never personally met this girl, my sister has only met her a few times. I watched a documentary she was in, about her illness and how she was organising a fundraiser for her local hospital unit. In the documentary it was said that her cancer was terminal. At the moment she is estimated to live maybe another three weeks, it will be her last Christmas if she makes it that long.

She's 19 years old. It isn't fair is it?


thethinker said...

Cancer is an unfair disease. It's sad when someone that young has to be thinking about their last anything. I hope she can at least make it to Christmas.

Mosher said...

*has lump in throat after reading that*. I hate hearing stories like that. It's always the nicest people who suffer through these things, while people who we could perhaps do without get long, luxurious lifetimes.

My best wishes and thoughts to her and her family.

KindaBlue said...

I lost a relative of mine to cancer just before Christmas a couple of years back.

Ever heard a two-year-old ask where Grandma's gone?

You're right. It's not fair at all.

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