Saturday, July 14, 2007

A spot of selfishness on my part

We had stumbled on the shop purely by chance. In fact you could have said it was fate that we ended up there. We were desperately searching for hats for my cousins wedding in a weeks time and we had had no luck. Mum had looked up some hat hire shops and we set off for the first one, which was closed, on a Saturday. We grumbled and set off for the second on the list, a little further away.

I knew the road it was on, I had driven along it many a time, but this shop was hidden. It was not only a hat shop but also something called a dress agency. We went in for hats and came out with bags and bags of fabulously priced designer gear, most of which had never been worn before. Shoes, dresses, bags they had them all, and so did we as we strolled out of the shop clutching our purchases.

"Tell your friends!" they said as we headed out the door.

So I came onto the blog to tell you all about this little gem, and encourage you to go, but then I started thinking. What if telling people leads to me one day going in to this little treasure trove and one of you has just snatched up what would have been the perfect shoes/dress/bag for me? What if I lost out because I was good enough to pass this secret onto you all?

So I'm keeping quiet, there's just no coming between a girl and her fashion.

If it makes you feel better I wont be telling my friends either...


the domestic minx said...

Just as well I'm not close enough to come and squeeze the information out of you, Lola!!!

KindaBlue said...

Smart hat!

thethinker said...

Smart decision, even though I'm too far away to make use of the information.

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