Saturday, July 28, 2007

Frosty Goodness

Due to a good friend of mine being away for the week I've decided to try to do a blog post each day to take my mind off being bored. Whether I manage it or not is another thing.

Today I was puzzling over what to write about until I went downstairs to the kitchen, and then I saw it, the frosty gorgeousness that is our brand spanking new fridge. Now call me sad if you like, but I love this fridge, for starters it's massive (and with my food shopping sprees it wont take long to fill it!), it's metallic and somewhat sexy for a fridge. I think I adore kitchen appliances far too much for my liking.

That's the fridge in all its' glory, see why I love it. It also has water and an ice machine. I'm in kitchen heaven!

Now all that's left to do is to go and eat the 4 tubs of Ben and Jerrys I popped into the freezer section last night, toodles!


the domestic minx said...

I'm a domestic minx.
I love a shiny, new appliance!



Practically Dutch said...

Im sorry, but the only thing that sounds better than your fantastic new fridge, has to be the ben and jerrys inside it. I am a complete ben and jerrys fan.. fish food all the way!!

Lola Cherry Cola said...

My dear Minx, in my opinion shiny new appliances are the best things ever, along with cooking magazines. Ho domestic do I sound? :-s

Practically Dutch, I have Phish Food although I was very annoyed that the supermarket had sold out of Half Baked, my own personal favourite. You can't beat cookie dough and brownie pieces in the same tub

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