Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pick of the [insert time limit here]

Recently I'm finding myself browsing a lot more blogs than I ever have done before and occasionally I come across some really fantastic blogs. Now, while I do add these to my links at the side of this blog, I thought it may be fun to write a little blurb about some of them, as other than the categories I've put them in there is no real way to work out what they're about other than going and seeing for yourself.

So as a bit of inspiration for me (for when my life is so dull I couldn't possibly blog about it) I thought I'd take a pick of some good blogs and write about them in a post. I'll probably start with some of the blogs in my links, but if anyone wants to recommend a good blog to read, then I'm all ears.

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Mosher said...

I'm always up to be browsed or linked to. I have three blogs: (a bit sweary and random) (world tour blog) (1000 Mile walk for charity blog - blog active, walk to commence in late July)

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