Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to Studentsville

The one thing I noticed last night was the fact that I did not dread the fact that it was Monday Eve, which was such a welcome relief after dreading almost every single Monday for the past three months (talk to me in a months time and see if I've changed my tune already!).

The early starts aren't bothering me too much, although it was dark at the train station this morning, an unwelcome drawing in of the nights. I've found even more mature students, this time round some from other countries. It still seems that I am one of the less mature of the mature students (yay!). I don't know how the others decided to go for it, I was fretting about having to take a year out to earn money as I didn't want to postpone my life. I've met people who have done a degree and a masters, or a degree and then teacher training, or like myself, a degree and then worked. We all sound old chatting about the way Uni was "in our day" and how old all these 18 year olds are making us feel with all their partying.

It looks like I will definitely be needing help in physics. At first the lecture was fine while the lecturer explained the reasons behind studying physics on this course, and I was enthused by them. Then the real lecture started and I really couldn't understand a thing I was writing down, all these sodding greek symbols that stand for wavelength and frequency etc, and the basic equations that they expect us to know. I do not know any of this, I last did physics six years ago, so just stick me in the corner with a dunces cap and talk very slowly so I can write all this gobbledeegook down.

It's not much to ask is it?


Mosher said...

Serious offer - mail me if you have any problems (contact details on any of my numerous blogs). I'm not a physics graduate but it was the one science I was any good at!

I'm a *little* busy the next week or so as I'm almost at the end of my Europe Walk 1000-mile silly big blisters on my toes thing. But I've always got time for physics.

This probably partly explains why I don't have a girlfriend...

the domestic minx said...

Oh, I'm feeling old just reading this...
I'm not sure if I could be convinced to return...I needed convincing to stay!

Sorry I can't help you with the physics thing, darling!!


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