Friday, May 04, 2007

Enjoying the wonders of Spring

Well, just call me Lola Greenfingers. I've seduced by the lovely Spring weather, and have been bitten by the gardening bug. I've not been out redesigning the garden groundforce-style (or even tidying it up to be honest) but I've started to grow some veg.

I bought a mini plastic greenhouse, some seeds, compost and tools, and last Sunday morning I was up with the birds and out in the back garden planting rocket, lettuce, spinach, peas, spring onions and courgettes (bra-less too, I think my inner minx is emerging).

Today while giving the plants (or pots of dirt as my sister calls them) the once over after work, I was ecstatic to see some greenery. The mangetout has started to pop up, and the salad has made a move too. Unfortunately I forgot to mark out what was where in my container and so I don't know which is lettuce, rocket or spinach, but I'm sure it'll taste good whatever it is. I've also been growing basil on my windowsill for a few weeks now, and as I used the whole packet when sowing them I now have a startling amount of herbs. Anyone fancy some basil plants...?


the domestic minx said...

Delicious Springtime weather will do that to you, Lola!!
All mischievous and minxy in the garden, you cheeky girl xx
Your garden, by the way, which sounds entirely fruitful and abundant!! I took a moment in the garden this morning to watch an absolute flurry of little birds indulging in an entirely decadent and delirious display of orgiastic mating!! It was compelling, if not a little comical! And it's not even Springtime here!!

(I'm glad to hear you're feeling better!!!)

Thank you for your gorgeous little shout out XXX

Jingo said...

My garden is huge, which is irritating since I have to mow the lawn.

Plus I have hayfever. Doesn't help at all.

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