Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hello all

This will be the last time I post as a 21 year old. In half an hours time it will be my 22nd birthday, now hands up who thinks I'm old *puts hand up*.

Anyway tomorrow I'm off to London with my family for a birthday weekend to remember. Shopping, theatre and drinking. You can't beat it with a bouncer.

Finally there's still a tiny bit of time left to vote for your favourite blogs in the 2007 Blog Awards vote for me, it's my birthday! I'm kidding, vote for your favourites while there's still a chance to.

Right all, enjoy your weekend, I shall be enjoying mine, even if I will be 22.


Dave said...

Happy 22nd Birthday!

KindaBlue said...

Twenty two? That's not old!

Happy birthday Lola!

Secret Sara said...

Happy Birthday! You're not old! I'm two years older than you and I'm not old so don't even go there girl!

carmelo said...

Happy birthday lola

Dory said...

Hope you had a good Birthday, Lola.

I remember those long lost days of being 22! Alright, I'm not yet ready for my zimmer frame...

thethinker said...

Happy birthday! That's not old at all.

SaneScientist said...

That's nothing - I've just turned thirty!

Aaaagh! where did my life go? Ironically, my friend is griping about turning 30 next week, wanting to know what she's done with her life. I pointed out that unlike me, she is married has kids and a proper grown-up job. Well, it cheered her up. If I wasn't so lazy, I might have a mid-life crisis.

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